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Dear Winnie

theatre performance - several locations


Everybody knows the famous saying “behind each man is a woman”. Well, Nomzamo Winifred Zanyiwe Madikizelawas, better known as Winnie, was for almost 40 years Nelson Mandela’s wife. But she was way more than that. 

Controversial figure of the South-African recent history, for the role she played in violent actions that led to several deaths; she was also acclaimed for the many battles she fought against the institutionalised racial segregation known as Apartheid.

In this original performance, written by the Belgium writer Fikry El Azzouzi, 9 black actresses share the stage to pay tribute to Winnie Mandela’s life, fights and legacy. But not only.
The story delivered by these black female activist characters shall in fact resonate with anybody “currently undergoing their own battle”. 


The theatre troop will be touring the Netherlands until beginning of March - with shows in Amsterdam on 11, 12 and 13th of january. Don’t miss your chance to see this powerful and inspirational show ! 

From 10€ // Dutch with English subtitles



January/february 2020

De Grote Suriname Tentoonstelling
Exhibition - De Nieuwe kerk


In the Nieuwe Kerk, magnificent church nestling in the very heart of Amsterdam, an important exhibition is being shown: De Grote Suriname Tentoonstelling, or The Great Suriname Exhibition. 


The history of Suriname is, for various reasons you may be familiar with, much tight to the one of the Netherlands. And today, Dutch citizens of Surinamese descent form a significant part of the population. 


In 1975, this northern South American country was taking its complete independence from the Netherlands, who colonized the land back in 1667.
Indigenous populations, who have been in the area for centuries, were then forced to comply with the occupier, or otherwise to abandon their lands to settle elsewhere.  


The time of the slave trade soon arrived and from the 17th century, a.k.a the Dutch Golden Age, many Africans were forcibly brought in the country to work on plantations as slaves. 

Later, new waves of immigrants came to increase the labourforce (as free workers) of this prosperous piece of land. Indians, Chinese, Indonesians were part of the mix. A mix that is still much visible today. 


Nowadays, descents of Maroons account for up to 1/6 of the population of the country. But, who are these Maroons?
Maroons was the name given to African slaves who escaped their master’s plantation and took refuge in remoter areas, difficult to reach.
The self freed former slaves gathered into communities, often mixing with indigenous people. This phenomenon happened more or less everywhere in the Americas, including the Caribbean Islands. 


If you want to know more about the rich history of Suriname, you should definitely visit this exhibition. It runs until the 1st of March. 


18€ or 2,50€ with the Museum Card

Grote Suriname Tentoostelling - de nieuw
De grote suriname tentoostelling - insid

Rise & Shine 

Party - NeverNeverLand 


No, Rise & Shine is not only a meme of Kylie Jenner waking up her little daughter.
Rise & Shine is a unique house music day-time party concept you need to check out. Next one is on January 25th !


You might think: but what’s the link between Afro cultures and house music. Well, let’s take a moment for a quick introductory history lesson of house music.
House music was born in the 1980’s in the intimacy of Chicago’s underground club culture, primarily among the African-American LGBT communities. 

It arose when legends-to-become Frankie Knuckles or Larry Levan started altering disco tracks, adding deeper beats and basslines to it. House music then declined in many subgenres, from acid house to hip-hop house, tech-house or afro house to only name a few. 


Rise & Shine offers a diverse selection of quality house music tracks, delivered by 3 talentuous DJs who will make you bounce the whole afternoon. 

Free between 14.00 and 15.00 // 5€ after.
Rise & Shine

Rise and shine - kylie jenner
Rise & Shine - visual_edited.jpg
January 25,
2 - 7pm
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