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The many faces of Afro cultures* 

* NWART uses the term Afro cultures to refer to all African, Caribbean and other Afro descendant based cultures around the world. 

NWART designs cultural and social experiences, set in the beauty and richness of Afro cultures.

Through collaborations with brands, artists and institutions of the Afro diaspora, the NWART events bring you an interdisciplinary experience where the celebration of Afro cultures in their diversity is at the center. 

Each NWART event, exploring one specific theme at a time, is the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, shop curated items and meet with like-minded people. 

From music to fashion, from food to art... let us celebrate the many colors, shapes and tastes of Afro cultures!

Behind NWART is me, Sandra, a French girl of Caribbean roots, who relocated in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in 2015 and has since been working as events producer and organizer. 


In many everyday situations during my travels, whether in France, the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe, could I observe that Black cultures and history are poorly known - although relationships between Afro and European populations have historically always been tight.

Too often are Black cultures seen as one, while they are so multiple and diverse.

Planning is an art de vivre for me, and my curiosity to connect and learn from new people has always been a driving force in my life.

Inspired by many empowering and successful entrepreneurs of the Afro diaspora, I aim with NWART to make my contribution to promote the treasures of Afro cultures to a broader public. 

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