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Hi, I am Sandra, 

a creative and versatile event producer / project manager / operation supervisor, passionate about designing social experiences (online and in real life) that connect the right audience, to the right offer and in the right environment. 

What’s the story of Nwart?

I founded Nwart in 2018 after a phase of questioning my professional path and how I wanted to grow in it. I then realized that what my creative drive was missing the most was for my work to align with my identity. 


My Nwart journey started with the intention of creating a platform that promotes the diversity of afro cultures, through events. This venture led me to life-changing encounters thanks to which I have continuously been nourishing my vision for Nwart. 


Today, Nwart is house to what defines me: “a bicultural creative (project and event) producer”. Openness, flexibility and creative thinking are soft skills that I ought to my bicultural identity, and that I always fully engage in projects I undertake. Next to a set of solid organizational, communication and managerial abilities. 

What does Nwart mean? 

Nwart is the contraction of the words noire and zwart, both meaning black in two of the languages I speak, respectively French and Dutch. 

The method

A 3-phase path

→ Immersion,

to understand your organization’s architecture, culture and audience, and how they relate to the goals you seek to achieve through the event. 

→ Modelisation,

observations translated into processes to fit in your structure. We won’t reinvent your wheel, we just polish it a tiny bit.

→ Activation, 

set things in motion and implement a smooth production process

Solid principles

→ Empathy & compassion

I strongly believe that nothing good can happen without those. 

 Rationality & minimalism

 a lot can be done with limited resources - as long as it is done in rationality

 → Calm and patience

I am allergic to stress, so I make sure to maintain stress free environments around me at all time. 

Clear promises

→ We help you create a momentum that will impact your relationship with your audience and with your collaborators.

→ We provide cost and time effective, replicable 
frameworks you can build upon for future events. 

→ We foster collaboration and team success within your organization. 

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